Matrimonial & Family Law

We recognize that divorce can be both emotionally and economically devastating to a family, and we are here to help you make things easier during this stressful time.  We strive to offer our clients practical and creative resolutions. Although we always attempt to resolve our cases through amicable, negotiated settlements, when settlement is unattainable, we will aggressively litigate a case to its conclusion at all trial and appellate levels.

We represent clients from all over the world who are involved in business, finance, real estate, law, medicine, entertainment, and a range of other professions.  When it comes to a divorce, these clients and their spouses often have complex financial, valuation and taxation concerns, which require the representation of competent, skilled attorneys with strong business backgrounds and experience. When litigation is required, our cases often involve equitable distribution (or the division of marital property), the preservation of separate property, maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony or spousal support), child support, custody and visitation issues, and child relocation. We also frequently negotiate prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements for our clients. 

In addition, we handle various post-judgment matters, including modification and enforcement proceedings, and challenges to marital agreements. Notably, our firm has established groundbreaking legal precedent in various areas, the most prominent of which overturned a parties’ postnuptial agreement on the basis of unconscionability, and was the topic of numerous articles and has been cited in dozens of court decisions.

Finally, even after a case has been litigated - and even during the pendency of a lawsuit - sometimes an appeal is necessary when a critical issue has been wrongly decided.  If an appeal is required, our clients will benefit from our zealous advocacy, knowing that our firm has experience handling matrimonial appeals in the Court of Appeals and Appellate Divisions.